Tambourine Mountain - Curtis Falls Track

Tambourine Mountain - Curtis Falls Track

LOCATION: Dapsang Dr, Tamborine Mountain QLD 4272
TRAVEL TIME: 45 minutes drive from Gold Coast
DIFFICULTY: Easy-Moderate
ACTIVITY DURATION: 35-45 minutes
AGE GROUP/S: All ages
PARKING: Easy parking at the start of the track but there is not a lot so may need to park around the streets.

You and your little adventurers will love looking up and hiding the giant trees, reaching the majestic waterfall and throwing pebbles into the running creeks. Unfortunately there is no swimming in this waterfall but being surrounded by water and nature nonetheless.



There is a lovely café at the start of the walk where we tried their amazing jam and scones after our walk. They also have high tea (not recommended for kids) or a yummy ice cream parlour after all your hard efforts. The kids will love it! Plenty of room for the kids to move around.

We also stopped at Witches Fall Winery on the way out for a cheeky wine tasting with a simple cheese board.

We wanted to stop at the Glow Worm Cave but that will have to be our next trip back as that was 30 min track and our little 2 year old Leonardo was ready for his nap.

Although the track is relatively smooth it is not suitable for a pram so if your little explorer cannot walk all the way, bring a carrier or get your piggy-back game on!!
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