Tangalooma Island

Tangalooma Island

LOCATION: Tangalooma Island
TRAVEL TIME: Approx. 80min Ferry ride from Brisbane
DIFFICULTY: Easy/Moderate
WALK DURATION: Approx. 80min Ferry ride from Brisbane.
AGE GROUP/S: All ages
PARKING: Plenty of parking at Ferry Port (fee’s apply)

This has everything at your fingertips for all the family weather you go for the day or stay a few nights.


Best thing is you can do most of the activities for free if you are capable.


Snorkeling over to the ship wreck is free instead of a snorkel tour, the wrecks are not far from the beach, just be mindful of the tides coming in and out.


If you’re up for a walk, head over to the sand dunes dessert behind the resort and bring your own board or find a piece of cardboard.


Dolphin feeding you can watch from the jetty every night for free, tbh it is much more enjoyable to watch them play from there. Don’t get me wrong a close encounter to a dolphin is beautiful and you miss out on a lot lining up for sometimes up to an hour to feed the dolphin for 30 seconds.


Bring your own food! Have a picnic, there are so many nice, shaded grass spots.


It’s perfect conditions for stand up paddle board, if you get a little further out you might just see some dolphins or paddle around the shipwrecks.


Pack your bathers! 
Go for a swim
Build sandcastles
Snorkel Tour
Scuba Dive
Sand toboggan 
ATV Adventure drives
Hire Catamaran 
Hire small boat
Hire Kayak
Dolphin Feeding
Have a picnic
Order fish & chips or pizza from the local cafe.


    If your little ones are too little to snorkel, walk over to the beach across from the shipwreck and hire a clear Kayak (must pre-hire), you can still see so many fish especially if you drop a little bit of bread in.

    If you want to snorkel but not confident to swim over to the wrecks due to the strong tides, you can hire the snorkel gear and they will drop you off on the jet ski and pick you up for free.

    If you plan on spending some time on the beach, take an umbrella, there is no shade on the beach.


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