Cougal Cascades

Cougal Cascades

LOCATION: Currumbin Valley QLD 4223
TRAVEL TIME: Approx 40min from Gold Coast
WALK DURATION: 800m walking track to the falls
AGE GROUP/S: All ages
PARKING: Street parking

Waterfall adventure and swimming doesn’t get any easier than this!

An 800m walk on a paved path is all the lies between you and these cascading mini falls. There are a few ways to get down to the falls depending on what tier you wish to begin exploring first. We highly recommend starting at the top tier and working your way down, each level has something magical to offer!

If you're up for it, you can even slide down from one level to the next - which we did! Honestly, it was so much fun! The water is fresh and clean, and flows even when there hasn't been much rain.


Walk a little further up to disused old sawmill.


    Go early as the parking is limited, although it does not feel crowed at the waterfalls itself, the parking can get very crowed.


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