Somersby Falls

Somersby Falls

LOCATION: Somersby Falls Walking Track, Somersby NSW
TRAVEL TIME: Approx 1hour from Sydney
DIFFICULTY: Easy/Moderate
WALK DURATION: Approximate 10 minutes
AGE GROUP/S: All ages, toddlers you may need to carry at times.
PARKING: Parking at the falls (Park entry fees apply)

This is a popular spot for swimming in the shallow pools in summer, or catching the cascades in full flow following a few days of rain.


This three tiered waterfall is one of the most beautiful near Sydney, and its ease of access makes it a popular spot. Middle falls only takes 5 min to walk too and the lower falls will take 10min. Even though it is short walk it is mainly steps so wear the right shoes and clothing.


Pack your bathers! Go for a shallow swim or a shower fall!

There is a spacious picnic area with lots of benches and a few BBQ facilites next to the car park.


    Go after rainfall is best to see the full power of the 3 tired waterfall although wear the right footwear as it can get slippery.

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